Workout Wednesday ~Fit Test


Fit Test Chart


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Core Training

Mayfair Summer is here and school is ending soon. Why not workout while your kids play at the playground? Fueling the Temple will be offering weekly classes on Monday and Thursday mornings at 10am and Saturday mornings at 8am at the Mayfair Playground! 

Core Training is a fitness class that incorporates body-weight training, suspension training, HIIT, and plyometric training in a group or circuit training format. As its name implies, core training also engages and teaches its participants the core of living a life centered on Christ. The goal is to engage the whole person-body, mind, and spirit.





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Meditation Monday Ephesians 6:10-11

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10 Minute Ergo Baby Workout

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Workout Wednesday

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Meditation Monday Col 3:23

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Meditation Monday

Happy Monday!!

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Casa de Esperanza Fundraiser Update!!

As many of you know, Mattie and I ran the Philadelphia half marathon last fall as a way of teaming up with Grace Seed to raise funds for Casa de Esperanza in Bolivia. If you are unfamiliar with the story or need a refresher,  you can read all about it here: A Reason to Run

One of the specific needs that we were made aware of at Casa de Esperanza was that the mattresses and bedding for the children needed to be replaced. Last week, we received an update from the director of Casa de Esperanza and he informed us that with the money that we raised, they were able to purchase new mattresses that came with a 10 year warranty! Here are some pictures that he sent us: mattresses 2


Thank you SO much for partnering with us to make this dream become a reality. Not only will these children have new comfortable beds to sleep on, but Casa de Esperanza will be able to continue to provide a safe place for orphaned children in Bolivia and renew young lives through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your support of this project! 

You can still donate to  Casa de Esperanza and help fulfill other needs that are present by going to the Grace Seed website. 

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<3 What's on my heart today<3


I wanted to take a moment today to be real and transparent about something. Postpartum hormones are real and crazy. I have found myself getting emotional about things that don’t really matter or speaking to my husband in a way that once the words come out of my mouth, I want to smack myself for saying them. I am not much of a crier, but I can’t seem to hold it in lately.

Over the weekend, I had a meltdown moment. My husband and I were looking back at videos of Gideon when he was 1.5-2 years old and I completely lost control over my tears. He automatically assumed that the tears were related to Gideon growing up too fast and while that was part of it, my heart was really broken over the fact of how much Gideon was talking in the videos and how little Luther talks now. In my head, I started in on the math…then, the mommy guilt settled in.  What have I done wrong? What did I not do enough of? My mind started to dart off in 100 different directions.

I had to stop myself and turn to Jesus. Luther’s lack of speech isn’t necessarily directly correlated to something I did or did not do. I needed to lean into Jesus for the strength not to beat myself up over this. Is it ok to be sad over the fact that Luther is having speech problem, yes. It is not ok, however, to let myself get carried away and allow guilt to consume me.

Whether you just had a baby, are pregnant, or just struggle with your emotions, it is important to remember to turn to Jesus. He is our ultimate comfort and our refuge (2 Cor. 1:3; Psalm 46:1). We cannot control our emotions on our own strength (believe me, I have tried). But the greatest new is that we do not have to handle things on our own. Walking hand in hand with God, He can help us through.

Once I stopped myself from my destructive thinking and turned to God, He showed me just how thankful I can be over this situation. Although Luther is struggling with speech, he is getting the help he needs and it is providing great opportunities for us to share about God and all that He has done for our family. I was also quickly reminded of how God uses people that we would least expect to do His work. The first one that popped into my head was Moses. Who knows, maybe Luther could be used by God in some mighty ways, just like Moses. 

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Amos Daniel’s First Week {In Pictures}

I have tried not to blow up your news feeds with tons of pictures of Amos this past week, but I wanted to compile a group of pictures to share with friends and family that don’t live close. So, here is a picture compilation from Amos Daniel’s first week: 

Amos and I With Christie right after he was born. Amos was her 1,000th delivery!!


Meeting the brothers for the first time


Meeting PapaMeeting Nana

IMG_8249IMG_8241Nana and Papa holding down the fort with the big boys

Getting ready to go home


Meeting grammie

Snuggles with Uncle Jake

Gideon holding Amos for the first time

There has been lots of coffee, comfy clothes, and messy beds 

Lots of cat naps 

Even for Gideon

His first cloth diaper

Big brother enjoying baby gadgets

Enjoying cheese steaks for Papa’s birthday!!

In awe of how amazing God has designed my body to provide exactly what my baby needs. 

Lastly, we are discovering just how difficult it is to get a good picture of three children. 

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